“There are signs that marijuana coverage, like the cannabis scene itself, is evolving. If cannabis continues to be a news draw, it could lead to ever-more skillful and in-depth journalism on the subject. It’s a promising sign that journalism professors such as Matranga are teaching classes on marijuana journalism.” -Joel Warner, International Business Times. Marijuana Has Become A Media Darling, But Are Journalists Too Soft On Pot

The conversation surrounding cannabis in American culture is evolving every day, and the reporting is changing with the times. Andrew Matranga, a teaching professor of Media, Film and Journalism Studies Department at the University of Denver, has developed a course that seeks to engage with the reporting on America’s New Normal.

In and out of session, most of the activity and curation for the #CannabisJournalism hashtag takes place on Twitter, from the account of the course instructor @AndrewMatranga.

This hashtag is used to track relevant topics in marijuana reporting, with national and international news relevant to classroom conversation topics.