Welcome to America’s New Normal


#CannabisJournalism is a class where you get college credit to study journalism about marijuana.

“There are signs that marijuana coverage, like the cannabis scene itself, is evolving. If cannabis continues to be a news draw, it could lead to ever-more skillful and in-depth journalism on the subject. It’s a promising sign that journalism professors such as Matranga are teaching classes on marijuana journalism.” -Joel Warner, International Business Times. Marijuana Has Become A Media Darling, But Are Journalists Too Soft On Pot

The conversation surrounding cannabis in American culture is evolving every day, and the reporting is changing with the times. Andrew Matranga, a teaching professor of Media, Film and Journalism Studies Department at the University of Denver, has developed a course that seeks to engage with contemporary reporting on America’s New Normal.

Andrew Matranga speaks at Ignite Boulder 34 about America’s New Normal.

The activity for the news related to Cannabis and Journalism takes place on the Twitter hashtag #CannabisJournalism. The content comes from the account of the course instructor @AndrewMatranga.

The #CannabisJournalism hashtag is used to track relevant topics in marijuana reporting, with national and international news relevant to classroom conversation topics.

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