Spring Interterm 2016: Day Four Slides


Two guests in the morning as the meat of the sandwich. Writing in the afternoon as the top slice, with the morning huddle and style talk as the foundation. It will be a less-hectic today compared to Tuesday and Wednesday. A cup of soup and a half sandwich kind of day.

9a meeting in Sturm 434
9:15a – Huddle
9:30a – Journalism Writing Style Overview
10-10:30 – Twitter Analytics
10:30-11a – Break
11-11:45a – Emmett, Center Mass Media
12-12:45a – Jay, Toke Radio
12:45-1p – Huddle
1-2p – Lunch
2-5p – Writing & editing on Final Project and Day Four Medium Post

Spring Interterm 2016: Day Three Slides

Colorado State Capitol Denver. Photo Wikipedia.
Colorado State Capitol Denver. Photo Wikipedia.

Day three. What a whirlwind already. Three guests, one documentary viewing, one group field trip (holler @bruvs and @vinniechant!) and five students overwhelmed by an industry.that’s taking over Colorado (and their Spring Break).

Today we meet with Representative Jonathan Singer of House District 11, and get his take on Cannabis Legislation in Colorado. Then we’ll be remote editing on our third Medium post and our final project. And of course all of the action is on the #CannabisJournalism hashtag.